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Northwest Airlines Pet Travel and Shipping Information
Oct 30, 2011 . Northwest Airlines pet travel and shipping information. Small dogs, cats, and household birds may travel as carry-on luggage, in addition to the .

Northwest Airlines Pet Policy |
Priority Pet Northwest Airlines has enhanced and improved its Priority Pet Program. . Please inform Northwest at least 24 hours in advance of your plans to ship .

Delta Cargo - Delta Air Lines
Now, it's easier than ever to send your cargo to more of the places you do business around the world. Delta Cargo offers a variety of products and services to .

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on January 1, 2011 10:31am
About nw airlines shipping pets:

Contact Delta Cargo - Delta Air Lines
Pet First. To ship an animal or pet in cargo, call Pet First™ at 888-736-3738. To learn more about shipping animals, see Pet Travel Options.


Pet Policy Northwest Airlines - Northwest Airlines Pets - Fly with a ...
If your pet is too large to fit under the seat, if it is an animal other than a dog or cat, or if it is a very long flight, Northwest Airlines may transport your pet in the .

Northwest Airlines Pet Travel Policy
Northwest Airlines observes a summer embargo period between June and September of each year, during which time pet travel in cargo may be restricted due .


Pet friendly airlines & shipping information! airline pet shipping, air ...
Pet friendly airlines, air travel and pet shipping information. Whether you are taking a vacation, moving across country, or buying a new puppy that will have to be .

Airline Pet Policies - Pet Travel Center
Jan 23, 2007 . Pet airline policies and regulations are important when considering flying with pets. Check our pet airline links to get the latest information on flying with pets in an airline cabin or cargo area. . Northwest Airlines Pet Policy - 1 .

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on January 15, 2012 9:41am - Airline Pet Policies to Travel with Dogs and other ...
Northwest Airlines. Yes. Yes. No pets to the UK; A 10 day health certificate is required for International Flights; there is no cert required for domestic flights.

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Airlines - Welcome to - The Most Comprehensive ...
Did you know that some airlines restrict traveling with pets .

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Airlines Forms Northwest Airlines Pet Policy - Pet Travel Store
Northwest Airlines requires that your pet be accompanied by a certificate of good health, and that your pet is transported in an approved pet carrier or cargo crate .

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Shipping Dogs
You need an airline approved crate (a crate the size for shipping a puppy is . Dogs flown by themselves are shipped with "Cargo", but not all airlines treat them as cargo. . Northwest ~$150 cargo depending on destination 800-692-2746 .

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Commercial Transport | Pilots N Paws
Over the years as a commercial pilot for Northwest Airlines, Reno Air and a couple . A pet shipping program involves making a reservation for just the animal to .

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American Ferret Association: Airline Pet Policies
Pets that may travel in the climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments include: cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, . Delta Airlines / Northwest Airlines .

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Cat Travel Northwest Airlines
Domestically, Northwest offers the three travel options: carry-on, checked luggage and air freight or cargo. Carry-On. - Advance arrangements to carry your pet .

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Northwest Boosts Fees for Pet Transport - ABC News
Northwest Boosts Fees for Pet Transport. . Flying Fido and other pets checked as luggage on Northwest Airlines soon could cost travelers $214 to $374 each .

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Airline Pet Policies
Before you buy a ticket, be sure to read over each of the airline pet policies described . you should know that every airline has different rules about transporting pets. . Northwest Airlines accepts small domesticated dogs, cats and birds in the .

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Article: Shipping Your Pet
Requirement to Ship; Things to Consider; Airlines that Ship Pets; Organizations that Ship Pets; Importing and Exporting Live Animals. Requirements to Ship .

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Airline Pet Travel Information
. Shipping Details. Pet carry-on, travel, and shipping information for the listed airlines. Click on the airline name to be taken to the detailed airline-specific pet information page. . Northwest Airlines, Yes, Yes, Yes, Details · Pet Airways, Yes, No .

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Airline Information, Pet Transportation, atlanta,ga
Action Pet Express in Dulles, VA domestic and international pet Shipping, transport, . American Airlines • Continental • Delta • Northwest • United • USAIR .

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Airline Pet Transportation Policies - Life Unleashed - Domestic and ...
This information is just to serve as a general overview of each airline's pet travel . Pet Northwest allows pets in-cabin, checked as baggage, or shipped via VIP .

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Airline Shipping Safety - Small Paws Rescue
When the Airlines tell you that they will not ship dogs in over 85 degrees, . have used American, Delta, Continental, U.S. Air, Alaska Air, and Northwest Airlines.

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How to Take Your Pet on a Plane!
Also have pet cargo option: 800-892-6580. Northwest Airlines: Northwest Pet Travel info Small pets permitted .

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Airline Approved Pet Carriers and Kennels Reviews Reports | DryFur®
Jun 8, 2010 . Learn what pet carriers and kennels are actually airline approved. . “Airline Approved” or even accepted by any airline for use in cargo . NorthWest Airlines List plastic doors and wire top opening kennels as not acceptable.

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Northwest Airlines: Pet Policy - SeatGuru
Northwest Airlines has been acquired by Delta Air Lines. Northwest's website, flight numbers, and aircraft are now fully a part of Delta. For more information .

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Pet Travel Store: IATA Compliant PetMate Sky-Kennel Giant Pet Crate
This airline pet crate by PetMate is perfect for flying larger dogs in cargo. . Several airlines such as United, Alaska, Horizon, and Northwest Airlines require .

Airline Rules for Travel with Your Dog - Page 1
Some airlines no longer accept pets and rely on special pet carrier or animal transport . Pets should be checked in as cargo from a special QuickPak Desk near the . Northwest has no specific embargo dates and determines if pet travel is .

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Northwest Airlines - The Airline that Allows Pets on Flights : 111 ...
Jul 21, 2008 . Northwest Airlines now allows your small dogs, cats, and household birds . VIP - Same Day Animal Live Shipping and General Cargo are the .

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How Much Does it Cost to Send a Dog by Itself on an Airplane ...
Northwest Airlines and many other carriers will not ship a pet under any circumstances if the temperature will rise above 85 degree F at any point during the flight .

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